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Every donation counts

We receive calls daily to take in animals in need around the metro Detroit area, and do our best to accept all that we can. However, we can only help those animals that we have the funds to care for. On average, the very basic vet care of one cat or kitten adds up to approximately $150 and the very basic vet care of one dog or puppy adds up to approximately $250. This does not include emergency vet care for the injured or sick animals. It also does not include the cost of food or goods needed to provide for the animals while in our care.

How can you help, you ask??

1) Monetary donations : click the "Donate" button

2) Gifts-in-kind : we accept pet supply donations as well! Puppy food, dog food, cat food, kitty litter, blankets, towels, and cleaning supplies are ALWAYS needed!! Any supplies can be sent to 34690 Devonshire Rd, New Baltimore, MI 48047

3) Participate in one of our fundraisers : Check the "home page" for upcoming events!

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