Dogs & Puppies

Our adoption fees for dogs & puppies vary. Once you have filled out an application, one of our representatives will contact you and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

*We have a $10 non-refundable donation fee for our adoption applications to ensure we only receive serious inquiries. We encourage all potential adopters to do your research and prepare before applying.



Pittie, Female

Special needs pup, I have seizures

I'm  a good girl with lots of energy! I love to spin in circles and play. I have seizures, but since my fosters got the right combination of medication for me, I've been seizure free. I might have one every now and then, it's to be expected, but I have medication to stop them! I sleep in a crate with a blanket over to keep my environment quiet and low stimulus, it's cozy and there are no flashing TV lights keeping me up (or causing possible seizures) at night for me! I am good with other submissive dogs, please introduce me to yours slowly!



Pittie, Female, 3 years old

Special needs pup, I have allergies

I'm a sweetie! I weight about 62 pounds, short and stocky! Due to my allergies I require allergy therapy shots for a year (I take them SO well) and frequent baths! If you're not comfortable with the injection, I can take oral medication instead. The rescue will pay for my allergy treatment! I love to play and am good with other submissive dogs, please introduce me to yours slowly!


Pit Mix, female

Special needs pup, front limb deformities

Rex is a little pittie pup! She requires a home that is one story or a large first floor as she cannot do more than a couple stairs. She will be in therapy, which we will require her adopters to continue. Additionally, as she grows she may require devices that help to be mobile and thrive, which would be the responsibility of the adopter to pay for. 

She will be more expensive yearly due to her special needs and we just want her adopter to be prepared. 

She is a fun, sweet, & playful! A dog who is very friendly with other dogs would be a good sibling for her!